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Our Vision

A community where all Nigerians in Southern Africa remain connected to the original homeland while preserving and strengthening the cords of attachment.

What Nigerians in Diaspora is about

A registration portal for all Nigerians residing in Southern Africa to:

  • Create an effective database of Nigerians across Southern Africa and efficient system to monitor the growing population of Nigerians in Southern Africa.

  • Use the platform as a channel to offer quality services and support system to Nigerians settling in Southern Africa.

  • Connect with the larger Nigerian community at home to help with the growth and development of Nigeria.

  • Seamlessly assess necessary government services in Nigeria while based in Southern Africa.

  • Come to the assistance of Nigerians in the occurrence of natural disasters or other emergencies, as well as to ensure adequate provision for their well-being and safety at such times.

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